Thank you hour- Instagram
Here’s how you can use Instagram’s new ‘Thank You Hour’ and sticker to show gratitude to someone who has helped you through these tough times, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Image Credit: Supplied

Want to say thank you to a neighbour, a health worker or someone in your community for helping out during these tough times, or for their role in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic? Instagram has announced a new sticker and a dedicated ‘Thank You Hour’ just for this cause. Starting today, April 11, at 7pm, on Instagram in the UAE, users can thank people around the world who have stepped up in unprecedented ways to support friends, family and their communities. The ‘Thank You Hour’ features a new sticker and shared story that you can use to show gratitude for whatever or whoever has helped you through this time.

In the last few days, many Instagrammers took the media-sharing application to share thank you notes to people fighting on the frontlines actively ensuring people’s safety, as well as the containment of the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Many others said that they had decided to stay home to support the overworked healthcare workers, especially. For this, many had used Instagram’s new ‘Stay Home’ sticker.

To make it easier to see all the Instagram stories of users sharing ‘thank you’ messages, Instagram announced: “From healthcare workers, essential workers, small businesses, to the friends, family and at-home activities that keep you energized, we hope this is a small, but meaningful way to shine a light on what you’re grateful for right now.”

How it works:

1) Add the sticker to your story

Add a new story and head to the sticker tray. You will find the new Thank You Hour sticker as the second sticker in the tray, right after the Stay Home sticker.

2) Be a part of the ‘Thank You Hour’

Join others in sharing stories of gratitude. This week, starting at 7pm each day, there will be a Thank You Hour shared story pinned to the top of your Stories tray, where you can see all the people you follow who are using the sticker.

According to an Instagram press release: “The sticker and the shared story will be available in select countries worldwide,” for now. However, Instagram plans to expand the visibility in other countries too, over the next few days.