Abu Dhabi residents can watch amazing fireworks display
Abu Dhabi residents can watch amazing fireworks display in different locations including the Yas Marina (above photo), Abu Dhabi Corniche on New Year's Eve. Image Credit: File photo

Abu Dhabi: On the cusp of the year’s end, the anticipation in Abu Dhabi reaches fever pitch as New Year’s Eve looms large on the horizon. It’s not just another festivity. It’s a grand spectacle, an extravagant affair that captivates both those who call this city home and those who come from afar.

As the current year slips away, the allure of ushering in the New Year remains unparalleled. It’s not just a mere tick of the clock; it’s a moment loaded with emotions, with recollections of the past and a transition to a future that stirs up inner feelings.

As the calendar makes its final turn, there’s something distinct about the eve of the New Year—a magnetic charm that will bathes the city in several places in an ethereal glow of excitement and grandeur.

New Year’s celebrations in Abu Dhabi 2024 will witness unique diversity as the sky is decorated with magnificent fireworks, and people gather in key places, such as the Abu Dhabi Corniche, Yas Islands and Al Maryah Islands to watch these exceptional performances.

In addition, live musical events and various artistic performances are set to reverberate in the city’s streets, and the Sheikh Zayed Cultural Center is decked up to shine with distinctive events.

Thus, residents and visitors enjoy a unique festive atmosphere. In this context, the city of Abu Dhabi stands out as one of the leading locations in providing unforgettable celebrations, characterised by magical elegance.

Events in Abu Dhabi are set to ring in the new year in an atmosphere of brilliant lights and artistic performances to create an experience unlike anywhere else.

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Below is a list of New Year’s celebrations in Abu Dhabi

Three locations for fireworks displays have been announced in the city, where residents, visitors and the tourists can enjoy:

  • Abu Dhabi Corniche,
  • Al Maryah Islands, and
  • Yas Islands

Abu Dhabi Corniche

One of the annual traditions that does not change, the fireworks launch ceremony is organised on the Abu Dhabi Corniche as part of the New Year celebrations.

This ceremony is characterised by the launch of wonderful fireworks displays, as the light of these games reflects on the waters of the Corniche, creating a beautiful and eye-catching sight.

Abu Dhabi Corniche is the ideal location for celebrations in the capital, where people gather to enjoy these unique moments and celebrate the beginning of the new year in an atmosphere of joy and brilliance, as the shooting of fireworks on the water reflects an exceptional beauty that adds additional charm to this magical event in the heart of the Emirati capital.

The time for fireworks on Abu Dhabi Corniche is at midnight on December 31, when the countdown to the start of the new year ends.

Entry: free

Al Maryah Island

One of the distinctive places in the capital, Abu Dhabi, where fireworks displays are held on New Year’s Eve is Al Mariah Island, which offers celebrations in an exceptional style with the “The Capital Celebrates” night. The program includes a variety of fun-filled festive activities and events.

Entry: free

Time: 7pm to 1am

Yas Island

Yas Island has long attracted attention as one of the most prominent locations that attract visitors and residents to enjoy fireworks displays during New Year celebrations in Abu Dhabi. The island is famous for offering exceptional celebrations, including fireworks displays, which you can watch while eating delicious food served by the various restaurants on Yas Island, such as Jing Asia Restaurant, one of the New Year’s Eve restaurants in Abu Dhabi that we recommend to you.

Entry: free

Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

Fireworks will be launched from the headquarters of the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival in the Al Wathba area, whose celebrations coincide with the New Year, and its visitors will have the opportunity to watch the most beautiful fireworks display ever.

As for other fireworks displays in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Media Office announced a group of areas where fireworks displays will be held in the capital, namely: Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in the Al Ain area and Madinat Zayed.

New Year’s Eve concerts in Abu Dhabi... Many artistic events are organized to celebrate New Year’s in Abu Dhabi, and the following are some of the prominent events or performances of New Year’s celebrations in Abu Dhabi this year.

Liwa village party

A concert will be held by the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman, the artist Aida Al-Menhali, and the artist Hamad Al-Amri on December 31 in the village of Liwa. You can enjoy the magic of Liwa Village during the New Year season, as it shines with exceptional performances presented by a group of talented artists.

The talents of the legendary singer Khaled Abdel Rahman captivate the hearts of the audience, highlighting his singing prowess in translating the details of the Arab heritage in a wonderful and unique style. Also, immerse yourself in the melodies of singer Aida Al Menhali, which blends classical and modern influences, with a touch that stirs the soul, and do not miss the opportunity to watch the rising star Hamad Al Ameri, the Emirati singer who will shine on the stage.

The Liwa Festival provides valet parking and parking, and facilities are available for people of determination. Visitors can enjoy delicious food and drinks and take the most beautiful photos, making this party one of the most beautiful family-friendly parties in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the New Year.

Location: Liwa village

Ticket prices: start from Dh150

Time: 08pm

Date: December 31, 2023

New Year’s Eve 2024 falls on a Sunday, yet it is one of the official holidays in the Emirates, where everyone will have a nice time away from work, and they can spend one of the most beautiful nights of the year.

Tal Moreeb (Moreeb Dune)

The iconic 'Scary Mountain' dune is a winter favourite for dune bashers and motorsports enthusiasts, and this year’s Liwa International Festival has plenty of festivities. Tal Moreeb fireworks are best viewed from all the main built up areas around the Tal Moreeb dune, Liwa Festival and Liwa Village.

Al Hudayriyat Island

With cycling, padel and surfing facilities, there are plenty of ways to enjoy an action-packed New Year’s Eve on Al Hudayriyat Island before settling down to watch the fireworks. Al Hudayriyat Island fireworks are best viewed while glamping at Bab Al Nojoum or picnicking on a beachfront.

For beachfront vibes, visitors can catch-ups with friends and fun-filled family days out, Hudayriyat Island is visitor’s one-stop destination. Just across the water from Al Bateen you’ll find everything you need for a great day or night, from sports facilities to restaurants, glamping to play parks and more.

Take your pick from football fields, running tracks, indoor and outdoor basketball and tennis courts, bike parks, cycling tracks, skate parks, an obstacle course and watersports.

Mugheirah Bay Waterfront, Al Mirfa

Mugheirah Bay is home to a rich selection of retail, leisure and lifestyle experiences, all set upon the glistening Al Dhafra shoreline. Book a stay at one of Al Mirfa’s top resorts, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the fireworks display or escape the city among the area’s lush mangroves ahead of the coastal fireworks show.


Visitors can enjoy the quaint vibes of Ghiyathi, a small town in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi, 12 miles from the coast. It’s an ideal stop-off to Madinat Zayed, Liwa Oasis or other parts of the Western Region. New Year’s revellers can enjoy the spectacular fireworks displays from the Tamm Centre area.