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Abu Dhabi Police announce Dh1,000 fines and 6 black points for dumping masks Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have warned that motorists seen throwing surgical masks from their car are liable to fines of Dh1,000 and six blacks points.

The warning was tweeted on Saturday and follows a similar warning from Ajman Police on June 1 that stated the same Dh1,000, six black point sanction.

It is not yet known if the fine is a nationwide initiative as so far only police force’s from two emirates have publicly announced it.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Mubark Al Ghafli, head of the police health and safety committee, said that the correct way to discard of a mask was to place it in a plastic bag and then put it in a dustbin. “People should also wash their hands after handling used masks,” he added.

Al Ghafli said that throwing used masks - if contaminated - could spread coronavirus.

He also noted that carrying out preventive measures to curb the virus was the responsibility of every member of the community.