Lt General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri
Lt General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police have deployed 500 patrols across the emirate and set up 63 checkpoints to ensure compliance with Covid-19 protocols, the Dubai Police chief said on Thursday.

Lt Gen Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri was addressing a virtual press conference on precautionary measures during Eid Al Fitr.

He said the patrols are equipped with radars and surveillance cameras.

“In general, the Dubai community adheres to precautionary measures except for a few reckless violators,” he said. “Fines are a tool to ensure 100 per cent to ensure full compliance.”

Dubai Police Biker initiative

Al Merri pointed out that police received 5,300 applications from people wanting to join the Dubai Police Biker unit initiative launched this week. “Within four days, we received 5,300 requests for people from 21 nationalities,” he said. “The volunteers will educate others about precautionary measures.”

Al Merri also revealed that Dubai Police in cooperation with other authorities provided seven million meals in 46 worker accommodations.

“Workers have equal rights and responsibilities in our country. Medical care, tests as well as places for quarantine are provided to them.” he said.

Naif gold traders

Al Merri said that the owners of more than 1,200 gold stores in Naif were so confident of security measures in the emirate that they left their gold inside their stores when movement restrictions were implemented.

“When they returned, they found their gold untouched,” he said.

Follow rules during Eid

Al Merri urged the community to follow safety measures during Eid Al Fitr and after to defeat the coronavirus.

“We will be victorious in this crisis like our leaders said. I wish everyone happy Eid and I’m sure the UAE community will be a role model in solidarity and work hand-in-hand to comply with precautionary measures. We are all responsible,” he said.