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Moving homes is possible if you follow a step-by-step process. Image Credit: Stock image

Dubai: Moving houses is no easy task - from cancelling all your connections, subscriptions and tenancy contract, to applying for them all over again, the move requires a lot of planning and preparation. However, if you have found the perfect new home to move into, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can make the daunting task manageable in the UAE.

Step 1: Speak to all parties involved

Before you plan your move, take a look at your tenancy contract to find out what the clauses are in case of early termination or non-renewal. Even if you are moving right when your tenancy contract ends, the contract may have certain requirements on the notice period you need to serve. If you are ending your contract before completion, you may need to pay a few months' rent as well.

Once you have spoken to your current landlord, as well as the new one, you can go ahead and plan the next steps.


Step 2: Get your new lease and Ejari in place


If you are moving within the UAE, you would need to apply for the new registered lease, referred to as Ejari. This can be done using the 'Dubai REST' app. This article provides a detailed guide.

Cost: Dh221, incuding Value Added Tax (VAT).

For the tenancy registration process in Sharjah, click here, for Abu Dhabi's 'Tawtheeq' process, click here and for Ajman's registration process, click here.

Step 3: Cancel your Etisalat or du home connection

Home Wi Fi is prone to hacks
It is important to get your telecom and utility connections in place before you make the move. UAE service providers provide most of their services online, allowing users to upload the necessary documents and make payments through smart options. Image Credit: Stock image

Telecommunications operators like du and Etisalat offer cancellation of connections as well as new connections completely online. Find out how you can shift your landline and home WiFi connections.

Step 4: Cancel of shift your Dewa connection, get security deposit refund

If you are moving to a home within Dubai, you can use the ‘move-to’ service offered by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) and the security deposit will also be transferred to your new home. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that.

If, however, you are moving to a different emirate, you can apply for the ‘move-out’ service to deactivate your water and electricity connection and apply for a refund of your security deposit.

Step 5: Disconnect district cooling, gas service (if applicable)

If you live in a community that is serviced by a district cooling company, you would also need to clear the bill with them.

Similarly, if your building has a gas supply for the kitchen, you would need to settle the final bill with the service provider. You can speak with them when they come for a regular maintenance check, to find out the process you need to follow.

Step 6: Apply for a return of the security deposit

When you do cancel the contract, you will need to make sure that you settle all your final bills, whether it has to do with water and electricity, gas or the district cooling service. You would need to provide the final settlement bills along with any access cards and keys that you have in your possession. Once the handover is completed, and the landlord has checked the unit, the security deposit will be refunded. The refund may be given as a cheque, or in some cases in cash or through a bank deposit as well, according to Walton.

You would also need to apply for a return of the security deposit. Read our tips to ensure you get your security deposit back here.

Step 7: Book your packers and movers service

This is one of the most important steps that will help you ensure that your furniture and personal belongings are safely moved in to your new apartment or villa. You can choose to pack your items yourself, and book only a moving company that will transport the items to your new home. Once the items have been moved you will also have to unpack the items and set up your new place.

Alternative, you can book the services of a ‘packing and moving’ company, where you would not need to do any of these things. The company will be responsible for packing the items safely, moving them to your new place and setting everything up. Click here to get top tips on what to look for when booking a packer and mover.

Step 8: Request for the move with your property management

Whether you are living in a building or a community, to confirm the move in our move out with your property management company, you may need to provide certain documents.

Vijay Kumar, Founder and CEO of MoversZone LLC, spoke to Gulf News about what these documents would be.

“Some communities need a written request from the tenant, which includes the date on which you will be moving out or moving in, the vehicle registration number of the moving truck, the moving company’s name and trade licence number. They may also ask for the company’s third party insurance papers,” he said.

“Some communities need a written request from the tenant, which includes the date on which you will be moving out or moving in, the vehicle registration number of the moving truck, the moving company’s name and trade licence number. They may also ask for the company’s third party insurance papers.”

- Vijay Kumar, Founder and CEO, MoversZone LLC

So, your moving company needs to provide the following documents:

  • Name of the moving company
  • Date and time of the move
  • Moving company’s trade licence copy
  • Moving company’s third party insurance copy
  • Vehicle registration copy of the moving truck

You would need to provide these details to the property management company of your existing home as well as your new one. Once you have the clearance letter, you can then move on to the next step.

moving homes covid
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Step 9: Get your new place in order

Before the moving process, speak to your new landlord and building maintenance company. Also, check your tenancy contract to find out who is responsible for maintenance costs – you or the landlord. Most contracts have a clause stipulating that the landlord is responsible for maintenance for regular wear and tear of the property, and may even have a limit to the maintenance cost that will be covered by your landlord.

However, before the movers and packers bring in your items to the house, you can also book a cleaning service to get the house ready.

Step 10: Check for all the utility, telephone and internet reconnections

If you have moved within Dubai, the services will be operational from the date that you have requested your telecommunications company and Dewa to start the service in the new unit.

If you do face delays, you can reach out to the relevant customer service teams to make sure all the services are in place as you settle in to your new home.

This article was first published on September 2, 2021 and has been updated since.