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How do we solve or resolve our issues? It is not through the mind, but through awareness. Actions taken in discomfort don’t solve anything.

How do we come to the space of awareness then? By practising to be still. Stillness is an aspect of the mind, which when still, connects one to their inner awareness.

The inner awareness always exists, however, tends to get obscured by the wavering of the mind, the conditionings, the prejudices and unhelpful thoughts.

Why does the mind waver? As train of thoughts keep flitting from one place to another, it creates, metaphorically speaking, a whirlpool of energy in the mind, this disturbance veils the connection to the inner awareness. Stillness, on the other hand, restores the self-awareness.

In awareness, the eyes will see what it hasn’t seen before. The senses will perceive what it hasn’t perceived before, the bodily sensations will be felt more. Awareness will open a whole different story for you about yourself. It will be subtle and expansive. It will show you your path, answers, solutions.

How do we remain in awareness? By remaining mindful of the activities being done at the action and thought level and feelings being felt. By observing these. Connecting to one’s inner state of awareness is an experience, it goes beyond the conceptual understanding of what awareness is. Nature has provided us with inbuilt tools to connect with our inner awareness. Breath is a one such powerful medium.

How to connect with breath?

The simple answer is to sit, be still and observe the breath. Observe the flow of inhalation and exhalation. After a while, the body will be relaxed, the pace of thoughts will slow down. As this state of calmness descends, connection with the inner awareness will be felt. Deeper practice will enhance deeper connection.

Allow the simplicity of this practice to sink in. Trust the process, drop the logic and the intellectualisation of the process. After a few weeks of sustained and devoted practice, you will start noticing the energetic structure of your own thought patterns, actions, reactions, attitude, temperament. You will be guided by your intuition on all manner of things that you intend. Know that the inner awareness is always positively oriented.

Breath to align

Body: Breath can be utilised to connect with the body and restructure its energetic alignment. Sit still and start observing your breath. Nothing else is to be done. As calmness sets in, gently shift your attention inward, to the body. Become aware of the bodily sensations. You will clearly feel the tension and stiffness present in the body. As you scan the body, stop where the pain is felt, breathe into it, relax the tension and exhale it out. Imagine that the pain has been expelled out with exhalation. Repeat the process as required.

Mind: Focus on your breath and gently shift your attention to thoughts that you are thinking. Observe your thoughts. Be mindful of the content of the thoughts that are going on. Note how you feel emotionally and what body sensations are felt when you identify with the thoughts. And note how you feel when you simply watch them as a witness. Watch the momentum and frequency of thoughts. Breath helps to break a thought-loop momentum and helps come back to a better aligned space.

Expansiveness: As you breathe, sense the energy behind the stories that the mind throws. Shift the focus to inner expansiveness. Feel the expansiveness of the sky within, if that helps. Feel the possibilities contained therein, however, drop the thinking, allow the awareness to open up.

As the ‘chitt’ (mind + ego + intellect) settles down and calmness washes over, clarity will dawn. The underlying energetic causes of issues will be seen, awareness to transform them will dawn. Stillness will bring that awareness.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: