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Singer Britney Spears called 911 the night before she gave a dramatic testimony to a Los Angeles judge on June 23, according to an New Yorker report.

The star phoned in to report herself as a victim of conservatorship abuse, the report written by Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino claimed.

“Members of Spears’s team began texting one another frantically. They were worried about what Spears might say the next day, and they discussed how to prepare in the event that she went rogue,” the report read.

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Jamie Spears, father of singer Britney Spears, leaves the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles on Oct. 24, 2012, left, and Britney Spears arrives at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 17, 2015. Spears’ father has asked the court overseeing his daughter’s conservatorship to investigate her statements to a judge last week on the court’s control of her medical treatment and personal life. James Spears emphasized that in 2019 he relinquished his power over his daughter's personal affairs, and has control only over her money. (AP Photo) Image Credit: AP

Spears has been under a court-ordered conservatorship, which is mostly controlled by her father Jamie Spears, ever since the singer suffered a mental health breakdown in 2008. She told a Los Angeles judge that while under the guardianship she had been forced to take the drug lithium against her will and was prohibited from marrying or removing a birth control device. She insisted that she be released from the arrangement.

“Ma’am, my dad, and anyone involved in this conservatorship, and my management, who played a huge role in punishing me when I said no — Ma’am, they should be in jail,” she said during the phone call to the judge, which was the first time her statements in the case were made public.

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The judge later denied Spears’ request to have her father removed from the arrangement. However, Bessemer Trust, a wealth management firm that was the co-conservator of Spears’ estate, asked to withdraw from the case after the pop superstar’s testimony that she opposed the arrangement.

This is not the first time that Farrow has written such an expose; the son of Mia Farrow and filmmaker Woody Allen is best known for his investigative report on the sexual abuse claims against Harvey Weinstein, and for speaking up against his father Allen over his years-old child abuse allegations.