Need to buy the perfect Eid gift? Our extensive guide has all kinds of options, from jewellery and perfumes, to the latest tech and unique, viral products. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Have you started on your Eid shopping list yet?

It’s the perfect time to do so, thanks to Amazon’s Eid Sale, which is currently on, and offers excellent deals across a host of products.

As you browse and brainstorm gift ideas for loved ones, take a peek at our curated selection of top-rated gifts, below. From tech essentials to skincare boosts, there’s something for everyone here.

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10 best ideas for budget Eid gifts under Dh150

There are plenty of fantastic budget gift options on Amazon for all your loved ones – from electronics to handbags, perfumes, and children’s gadgets. You'll be surprised to see the number of highly rated items available at under Dh150.

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8 best Eid gifts that last forever

If you're looking for a meaningful gift that won't expire or break down easily, consider tried and tested options that have become part of people's everyday lives. While some of these gifts are practical, others are whimsical, and they all last for decades with no issues.

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7 best trending crescent bags that make for great Eid gifts

Half-moon bags wrought from leather or suede, defined by neat silhouettes and metallic hardware, come in all sizes and strap lengths to complement your outfit of the day, whether you prefer a clutch or crossbody style.

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7 best tech toy gifts for kids this Eid

What if your Eid gift for your child, neice or nephew could engage them, educate them and even inspire them to find their passion? From learning tools like coding robots to toys that encourage independence, like kids' smartwatches, we have a number of interesting tech gifts for children, this Eid.

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9 best tech gifts for Eid

Tired of walking in with the same box of chocolates, every Eid? Whether you're visiting parents, relatives or friends, the struggle to find a great gift is real. Consider a trendy gadget to wow them, instead. Everyone can do with an upgrade, whether it's in the form of a pair of headphones or a smartwatch.

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12 best TikTok trending gifts for Eid 

Ditch boring old gifts for something that’s going viral on social media right now. From laser projected keyboards to flame diffusers, there are lots of unique gift ideas to choose from. And it's likely your loved one is already coveting one of the items on this list.

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7 best K-beauty gifts for Eid

Korean skincare has swept around the world for good reason: it uses natural ingredients, and is known for its high efficacy and innovation. So, give a loved one a skincare or hair care gift that will revolutionise their beauty regimen, and make them K-beauty fans, as well.

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5 best jewellery gifts for Eid

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of earrings, consider these affordable options that are chic and timeless in their appeal. While some are made with 18K gold, others are gold-plated and perfect for daily wear.

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5 best perfume gifts for men 

Perfumes are a classic gift, well-suited for any occasion. Our curated list offers a selection of top-rated men’s perfumes that are bound to become the next signature scent for a loved one, this Eid.

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5 best perfume gifts for women 

The right fragrance can boost your loved one's confidence, make them cherish old memories, and put a smile on their face. So, select a fragrant gift for women in your life, from our list. 

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9 best gifts for Apple users 

Products and accessories for and from the American tech company Apple have a rock-solid reputation as beloved gift options for friends and family. They’re useful, practical and last a long time.

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9 best Alexa-compatible devices for the perfect gift

Make Alexa the perfect personal assistant, with compatible devices that help your loved one cut down on tasks around the house. From smart speakers to smart kettles, everything here can be controlled by voice command, freeing up hands, time and energy.

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7 best gifts for K-pop superfans in UAE

Thanks to the K-pop industry's steady album output, with every release, fans eagerly await a fresh lineup of merchandise, photobooks, concert goods, along with other exciting collectibles. We share a list of the best official merchandise you can buy as gifts for fans among your loved ones.

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11 best self-care gifts for instant zen

Ahead of Eid, take a moment to reflect on what self-care means to you. Our curated list of thoughtful gifts are meant to pamper and treat you wonderfully, so you can show up for your loved ones, feeling and looking great.

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7 best health and fitness gifts for Eid

We all know someone who’s trying to lose weight or get fitter. Extend your support with a thoughtful gift that will help them achieve their goals. Our list includes fitness trackers, yoga mats and lots more.

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7 best skincare gifts for Eid 

This selection of skincare gifts offer a nourishing lift, no matter your loved one’s skin type. While some gift sets are meant to brighten the skin, others work on hydration. Either way, your loved one is going to feel great after using it! Pick it up as the ultimate feel-good present, this Eid.

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10 best analogue gifts for people on a digital detox

While a loved one destresses and realigns their priorities during their digital detox, become their cheerleader by supporting them with a purely offline gift. Our list has plenty of options, from adult colouring books to thumb pianos.

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11 best gifts for frequent travellers 

If you know someone who loves to explore the world, gift them an item from our list that they will appreciate on their travels. From e-readers to scratch-off maps, you can find a combination of practical and whimsical gifts in our list.

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7 best gifts for gamers 

Gamers know that the right equipment and ambience can transform their experience. Help them level up with gaming accessories, collectibles and peripherals from this curated list.

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