If you’re looking for a timeless gift that's sure to be appreciated, consider buying perfumes for the men in your life. Image Credit: Pexels/Duané Viljoen

Perfumes are elegant, classic, and suitable for everyone. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion, if you think about it – there are no sizes involved so there's no room for confusion; there are plenty of options in terms of scent and price range; and most men have a steady choice that can be revealed with a few subtle questions.

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With scents that range from woody to lemon-fresh, we have a curated list of men’s perfumes that suit all styles and preferences. Snag great discounts, and get them delivered to you ahead of the New Year with Amazon Prime!

1. Best Overall: Bleu De Chanel by Chanel, 100ml

This bold and fresh scent is for the free-spirited man who thinks out of the box. The perfume has an impetuously woody aroma and a provocative blend of citrus. The top notes are a burst of fresh lemon and mint. Furthermore, the grapefruit blends with pink pepper and adds a calming feel. The middle notes are ginger, nutmeg, and jasmine that give an all-day fresh feel. The base notes are incense, patchouli, musk, and sandalwood. The labdanum, cedar, and vetiver give the perfume a woody touch.

2. Best Budget: The Game by Davidoff, 100ml

This masculine woody fragrance was launched by Zino Davidoff in 2013 and is great to wear in the day and night. The top notes open with juniper berries, which leave behind a lingering freshness. The middle notes fuse flavours of iris and precious woods that have a mystical aroma associated with them. The base note is solely composed of dark ebony woods that gives a rich, sensual aroma.

3. Best for Young Men: Dior Sauvage, Eau de Parfum, 100ml 

This perfume was inspired by the desert at the magical twilight hour, and it smells like it, too. Cool with the freshness of spicy Calabrian bergamot, and dark with the cloaking of Papua New Guinean vanilla, the fragrance has an ambery-woody base, and sensual oriental accents. The perfume is long-lasting and ideal for young men who can wear it all day, and even better, for a night out.

4. Best Perfume Oil: Swiss Arabian Kashkha, Oriental Attar for Men, 20ml

Perfume oils are a staple in the Middle East. This spicy, fruit scent from Swiss Arabian combines the crisp freshness of apple, cinnamon and bergamot with the woody hues of cedar, amber and musk, even as the middle notes of saffron and agarwood balance the top and base notes. The scent lingers on your clothes long after you’ve used the perfume oil.

5. Best for Jet-Setters: Explorer by Montblanc, 100 ml

As the name suggests, this cologne was created for the adventurous man who is passionate about exploring and discovering new places. Intense and luxurious, this perfume is perfect to wear to an evening soiree. Scents of various geographies are bottled into this perfume. The top note exudes fragrances of bergamot from Italy, which adds an exhilarating and energetic feel to the fragrance. The middle note is full of scents from Haiti, where the vetiver is sourced from. The base note takes us to Sulawesi island of Indonesia where the patchouli grows. Overall, this perfume emanates an unconventional woody aroma.

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