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‘Fast and furious Uber driver asked me to get out'

'When I refused he switched off the engine and put Baby Doll song on full blast': Dubai customer recounts ordeal

Image Credit: XPRESS/ Ador T. Bustamante
The cabbie switched off the car engine and put on the cheesy Bollywood number Baby Doll

DUBAI A Dubai-based marketing executive was left shocked and shaken when a Uber cabbie got so miffed by her request to slow down that he pulled over and asked her to get out of the car.

The incident took place on Sunday morning shortly after assistant marketing manager N.C., 30, boarded the Uber cab from Barsha 1 to her office in Dubai Marina

N.C. said when she refused to step out, the cabbie switched off the car engine and put on the cheesy Bollywood number Baby Doll Mein Soni Di on full blast, saying it was his car and he could do whatever he wanted.

Not one to get intimidated, the woman held her ground and called the police. “I also rang up my husband. He was nearby and came within minutes but the cabbie misbehaved with him as well. Soon the police also arrived. After hearing both parties, they told the cabbie to apologise to me. He appeared nonchalant and seemed to have no remorse. It was only when a police officer asked the cabbie to follow him to Bur Dubai Police station that he grudgingly uttered a lame ‘sorry’,” recalled the woman, who later lodged a complaint with Uber.

According to her, the cabbie was extremely rude throughout the journey. “He wanted to take a longer route to my office. When I advised him to take the shorter Shaikh Zayed Road route, he lost his temper, saying ‘don’t teach me about the roads of Dubai’. He was driving fast and erratically, swerving from one lane to another and applying sudden brakes. I was scared,” recalled the woman.

Meanwhile Uber has sent a written apology to N.C. and also refunded her trip. Acting on her complaint, the online transportation network company has also opened an internal probe into the incident.

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