Illustrative image. Image Credit: IANS

Ferozabad: An eight-foot-long crocodile was seriously injured by a JCB, which was being used to clean out a dried up pond in Uttar Pradesh's Ferozabad.

The incident took place on Sunday near Nangla Achal village when the driver ran the JCB over the crocodile.

The crocodile is currently being treated by the Wildlife SOS veterinarians.

A veterinarian said that close inspection revealed that one-third of the crocodile's snout had been ripped off in the accident.

Doctor Ilayaraja, Wildlife SOS Deputy Director for Veterinary Services, said: "An entire section of the crocodile's snout is missing and the soft tissue and cartilage have been severely damaged. Our top priority is pain management and continuous dressing to eliminate infection. We are also providing the necessary medication to accelerate its healing and are going to start with laser therapy to assist in the same."

According to officials, no case has yet been registered against the JCB driver.