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An Uber pick-up location. Image Credit: Reuters

Cab-hailing apps can be notoriously expensive. But what’s your most major bill been so far? For one merry-making student in the UK, a taking a cab home in the middle of the night racked up a £1,307.64 (roughly $1,700;Dh6,244) tab.

The British student, who was quoted by South West News Service as saying he wanted to be known only as James, was a bit worse for wear after a night of partying in Newcastle, when he decided to do the responsible thing – get into a cab. Unfortunately this good sense did not extend to his eye sight – he typed in a destination in Norwich nearly 250 miles away. He then promptly went to sleep.

A five-hour ride later, the engineering major was terrified. “When I woke up, I literally thought it was a dream. Surely I hadn’t done this,” he said. Fortunately for him though, the driver decided not to charge him for the long ride; in exchange James gave him a 5-star rating.

James’ return was a longer affair – he took a train home and got fined for not having a ticket.