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Abu Dhabi: A Sudanese doctor bid farewell to his friends on Facebook Tuesday, with a moving message three hours before he died.

Abdullah Amer asked for forgiveness in the event of his departure, before entering the operating room at Gleneagles Hospital in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Abdullah wrote: “I ask everyone to forgive me, forgive me, and do not let me have anything that narrows my grave. I do not know on what day, what hour, and what moment, but I want to leave behind me a beautiful imprint and a heart that only holds that everyone prays for him for forgiveness and mercy after my departure.”

He added: “Oh God, make me a good trail, Oh God, I ask you for a good conclusion, I ask you sincere supplication, so pray for me, spread what benefits me, and leave what hurts me, and remember me with your good prayers, and do not cry for me, but pray for me in your prostration.”

Abdullah had suffered from acute infection in the appendix, which caused it to rupture, before he died and joined his wife, who died 10 days before him.

Abdullah graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, and obtained a master’s degree in embryology from the University of Leeds in the UK, the American Board of Embryology, and a doctorate in public health medicine, Malaysia.