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Illustrative image. Image Credit: iStockphoto

Dubai: An Egyptian has killed his father by slitting his throat with a kitchen knife for allegedly mistreating him, local media reported.

Egyptian security forces said that they had received a report of a murder in the Manshiyat Al Bakri area of Fayoum governorate. Police patrols rushed to the scene where they found an old man lying in a pool of blood. Policemen found scattered household items in the apartment which indicated that a quarrel broke out between the victim and his son.

The suspect said that a verbal altercation erupted between him and his father, and one thing led to another. "I could not control myself and lost my mind. I grabbed a knife and attacked my father, which resulted in his death,” he said in his confessions.

The son who was arrested confessed to committing the crime, saying that his father was mistreating him, which led to deterioration in their relationship.