200827 Twins
The twins who were found brutally murdered in Egypt. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Egyptian security services have arrested a man who allegedly involved in murdering a young mother and her three-year-old twin sons in the city of Kafr El Dawwar in Behaira Governorate, local media reported on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the 23-year-old mother, Yasmin, and her children were found murdered in their home in the city, located on the Nile Delta in northern Egypt. All three victims had their throats slit.

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The Criminal Investigation Department at the Behaira Security Directorate opened an investigation into the crime.

The CID officers found that the perpetrator was the victim’s cousin who works as a driver. Upon investigation, the suspect confessed to killing his cousin and her twins. “I was helping her to arrange her house furniture,” the cousin said.

The officers who examined the crime scene found marks on the mother’s body, indicating she resisted the assailant’s attack. The family’s jewellery and money were not stolen which led to the belief the motive was not theft.

The accused told interrogators that he tried to sexually seduce the victim, but when she beat him up and screamed for help, he rushed to the kitchen where he grabbed a knife and slayed the mother and her two sons and then fled the scene.

The accused has been referred to the public prosecution. He has been remanded in custody pending further investigation and trial.