For illustrative purpose only. The suspects are in remand pending further questioning. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: An Egyptian butcher and his son had been arrested for killing a rival in Cairo over beef prices ahead of next week’s Eid Al Adha which is a peak season for meat sales in the country.

A quarrel had erupted between the two butchers in the Cairo district of Al Zaytoun after one of them had lowered prices of his meat merchandise in an attempt to draw customers in the run-up to the Eid, local media reported.

The tactic had angered the rival and sparked a fight between them during which a butcher was killed and his brother injured.

The suspects are in remand pending further questioning.

Egyptians will start next Tuesday celebrating the four-day Eid Al Adha, also known as the sacrifice feast.

In an attempt to frustrate manipulative meat merchants, Egyptian authorities have set up street outlets offering sacrificial livestock and beef products at low prices to the public.

During Eid Al Adha, Muslims, who can afford it, sacrifice animals such as sheep, goats, camels and cows, honouring the Prophet Ebrahim’s willingness to slay his son Ismael at Allah’s command. As the Prophet Ebrahim and Ismael showed unwavering obedience to the divine order, Allah sent a ram slaughtered in the son’s stead.