Abu Dhabi: Dozens of children in the Yemeni city of Marib staged a vigil on Tuesday evening to condemn the horrific massacre committed by the terrorist Al Houthi militia, which killed 21 civilians, three-year-old girl Lian Taher, according to local media.

The children participating in the vigil raised a picture of the charred corpse of the girl, whose death shocked Yemenis and the world, expressing their deep sorrow for her death after the Al Houthi militias bombed a fuel station in the Rawda neighbourhood, north of Marib, on Saturday.

On Tuesday, the Marib Land Park administration announced the closure of its doors to visitors in solidarity with the family of the girl and condemned the continuous bombing by the Al Houthi militia on civilian neighbourhoods, and its repeated targeting of civilians, especially women and children, with ballistic missiles and explosive-laden planes.

The gas station bombkilled 21 civilians, wounding others, burnt seven cars and damaging two ambulances that rushed to rescue the victims after being targeted by an explosive-laden plane launched by the militia minutes after the missile was launched.

Among the victims was Lian. Pictures of her charred corpse spread quickly among Yemenis on social media, and shook public opinion with the horror of the tragedy.

Lian was apparently in a car with her father, when the militia’s missile hit the gas station.

This heinous massacre was met with widespread human rights and international condemnation, branding it a “full-fledged war crime” and stressing the importance of speedy international action to stop these Al Houthi crimes and prosecute their perpetrators.