210303 Houthi drone
A screengrab from the video of Saudi Arabia shooting down an Al Houthi drone. Image Credit: YouTube

Abu Dhabi: The Joint Forces Command of the Saudi-led Coalition showed on Tuesday footage of the interception and destruction of an explosive-laden drone, launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist Al Houthi militia.

A Coalition spokesperson said the aircraft was targeting civilian people and infrastructure.

Yemen has become the site of grievous civilian suffering amid an intractable civil war.

Many analysts say the fighting, now seven years old, has turned into a proxy war: Iran-backed Al Houthi rebels, who overthrew the Yemeni government, are pitted against a multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The conflict has displaced more than one million people and given rise to cholera outbreaks, medicine shortages, and threats of famine. The United Nations calls the humanitarian crisis in Yemen “the worst in the world.”