Houthi rebel fighters. Image Credit: (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

Abu Dhabi: The Al Houthi militia blew up the house of a citizen in Al Bayda Governorate in central Yemen on Sunday, according to Al-Arabiya Net.

The Yemeni Minister of Information Muammar Al Eryani said the Iranian-backed Houthis blew up the house of Hussein Saleh Al Barmani Al Humayqani in the Al Zahir Al Humayqan district in Al Bayda governorate.

Al Eryani explained on his Twitter account: “The Houthi militia deliberately blew up citizens’ homes in the manner of terrorist organisations, terrorising citizens and systematicaly avenging against anyone who disagrees with it.”

He pointed out that human rights organisations have documented the bombing of more than 816 houses in various governorates by the Houthis since its coup against the state, in addition to its complete destruction of villages.

This comes as part of the militia’s efforts to forcibly displace citizens from their homes and areas, and replace them with loyalists, in implementation of the “plan for demographic change in their areas of control.”

The Yemeni minister called on the international community, the United Nations and human rights organisations to condemn the crimes and violations of the Houthi militia, foremost of which is the bombing of citizens’ homes as a flagrant violation of international laws and covenants, and to include the Houthi militia and its leadership on the lists of terrorism, and to ensure that it does not go unpunished.

According to a recent report by the Civil Authority for Victims of House Explosions, a non-governmental organisation, the Houthi militia has bombed more than 816 homes in various governorates of Yemen since its coup against the state in late 2014.

The commission explained that “the governorates most affected by the bombing of houses are Taiz with 151 houses, followed by Al Bayda with 124 houses, then Ibb with 120 houses.”

The Houthi militia resorts to blowing up the homes of its opponents, in the context of forced displacement, terrorising and subjugating the rest of the population, and taking revenge on opponents, according to the description of a human rights report.