An April 19, 2017 file photo of Shiite fighters, also known as Houthis, securing a road, as people take part in a march from Sanaa to the port city of Hodeidah, Yemen. Image Credit: AP

Cairo: The UN food agency is threatening to suspend aid to areas under the control of Yemen’s Al Houthi militia, if they do not take measures against theft and fraud in food distribution.

The World Food Programme said Monday that its “greatest challenge” in Yemen came from “the obstructive and uncooperative role of some of Al Houthi leaders in areas under their control.”

It says humanitarian workers are being denied access to the hungry, aid convoys have been blocked, and local authorities have interfered with food distribution.

It added that some militia leaders have repeatedly obstructed the agency’s ability to choose how to distribute the food aid.

The Iran-backed AlHouthis have been at war with a Saudi-led coalition, which backs the internationally recognised government, since 2015.