Abu Dhabi:  UAE Foreign Ministry on Wednesday thanked the efforts of Yemeni authorities in safeguarding the mission’s headquarters and its diplomatic corps in Sana’a.

The ministry also lauded the efforts in foiling the operation targeting UAE diplomats in March, Wam reported.

Earlier, Yemen’s ministry of interior announced UAE’s chargé d’affaires in Sana’a has been a target of Al Qaida militants.

Ministry spokesman Colonel Mohammad Al Qaidi said that the security focres rounded up a ring of six Al Qaida operatives when they tried to target the diplomat  Khalid Al Hawsani.

The network was involved in many kidnappings in the capital that has been hit by a string of abductions in recent months.

The Yemeni security official also said that 56 kidnapping cases were reported in the last 50 days.

The newly-appointed interior minister dismissed three security officers in charge of Hadda police station in the capital following the incidents of kidnappings.

The upmarket district is known for being frequented by foreigners.

The official also revealed 13 people, involved dozens of drive-by killings that targeted security officers in the last couple of months, were arrested. During the same period, 26 Al Qaida operatives have also been arrested, he added.

With inputs from Saeed Al Batati, Correspondent