Al Mukalla: Yemeni government has called on the international community and right groups to condemn Al Houthi crimes in the city of Taiz and mount more pressure on rebels to stop their deadly shelling of the densely city.

The government’s appeal comes hours after shells fired by Al Houthi fighters exploded in Beir Basha district in the city of Taiz, killing four civilians, including children, and injuring seven others.

Abdul Malek Al Mekhlafi, Yemen’s foreign minister, said on his official Twitter feed that the international community should criticise Al Houthi movement human right violations, mainly in the city of Taiz. “The Beir Basha massacre should expose all the other carnages committed by the militia in Taiz and other cities.” Al Mekhlafi said.

Residents told Gulf News that Al Houthis, stationed on the northern suburbs of the city, on Sunday night fired artillery barrage on residential areas in the western parts of the city which is under control of government forces. A shell or two landed inside a house killing four and injuring several others and caused great panic in Beir Basha.

Local activists and journalists posted extremely graphic photos of a child who was smashed beyond recognition. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in Al Houthi indiscriminate artillery attacks since early 2015 when they attacked the city during the early days of their rapid military expansion across Yemen. Al Mekhlafi also urged local right activists who support Al Houthis and ousted president to condemn their movements’ crimes.

In an attempt to sensitise international right groups to Al Houthi crimes in Yemen, the internationally-recognised government released many reports that gave details on civilians deaths in contested and liberated areas, including Taiz.

Meanwhile in the far north of the country, Yemen’s army announced on Monday storming of new districts in the city of Medi in the province of Hajja, driving the Al Houthi militia into holing up inside a silver of territories. Government forces backed by heavy air support from the Saudi-led coalition, laid a siege on the rebels in the deserted city months ago after cutting off all supply routes. On Sunday, at least two dozen armed vehicles were seen crossing into the battlefield in Medi from the Saudi side of the borderline. Government forces earlier last year seized control of the city’s seaport, a notorious entry point for smuggling in Iranian arms to the rebels. In the province of Jawf, the Ministry of Defence said two Al Houthi field leaders were killed in clashes with government forces around Ham mountain in the district of Metoun.