Riyadh: The spokesman for the coalition forces in support of legitimacy in Yemen, Colonel Turki Al Maliki, has underscored continuation of political efforts to resolve the crisis in Yemen through the UN envoy Martin Griffith.

He welcomed the statement recently issued by Griffith, stressing the support of the coalition’s leadership for all efforts to reach a political solution, highlighting in this respect the intransigence of Al Houthi militia, and their derailing of a political solution.

The Saudi Press Agency quoted Al Maliki as saying during the regular conference of the Joint Forces Command, held at the Officers’ Club of the Armed Forces in Riyadh on Tuesday, that the Conference of Ministers of Information of the states of the coalition aimed at coordinating all efforts in the media work and achieving the highest levels of communication, as well as to refute the allegations, fabrications and lies of Al Houthi militia on Yemen.

He explained that the visit of a delegation of the Joint Forces Command to the European Union aimed at exchanging ideas and opinions, and to discuss the current situation in Yemen.

On the military side, Col Al Maliki said: “During the visit, the current military operations in Yemen were discussed [and] ... the liberation of the Yemeni territories. Everyone agrees that the military operations have the goal of pressuring Al Houthi militia to sit at the dialogue table.”

He underlined the coalition’s respect for international and humanitarian law and application of its customary rules, while Al Houthis disrupt the movement of humanitarian convoys, international workers and international organisations in Yemen.

He referred to the participation of a coalition delegation at the annual meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, where the UN expressed appreciation for the generous support provided by the coalition that reached $930 million.

Regarding humanitarian operations, conducted via air, sea and land, 22 relief ports are still able to receive necessary relief materials for the UN and international organisations, Al Maliki said.

He said permits for incoming orders carrying imports and necessary materials, relief and humanitarian aid continue to be issued, noting that the number of air, land and sea permits awarded reached more than 25,000.

US condemns Al Houthi’ missile attacks on Riyadh

NEW YORK: The USA has strongly condemned Al Houthi militia for firing missiles towards Riyadh on Monday.

The US State Department said in a statement on Tuesday, “The United States strongly condemns Al Houthi missile attack on Riyadh. We support the right of our Saudi partners to defend their borders against these threats.

“We continue to call on all parties to return to UN-facilitated political negotiations and move towards ending the war in Yemen,” the statement added.