A passing vehicle flaunts Osama Bin Laden’s image in a street of Yemen’s Rada town. An independent website reported that Al Qaida has threatened to overrun the town yet again if the locals do not set up a commission of ‘incorrupt and religious people’. Image Credit: EPA

 Sana'a: Al Qaida militants have retreated overnight from the town of Rada'a small historical outpost southeast of Sana'a, Yemen's Ministry of Defence announced on Wednesday.

The militants seized the town almost ten days ago. Local media sources said that Tarek Al Dhaheb, the leader of militants who is close to Anwar Al Awlaqi, accepted a mediation by  local tribesmen and agreed to pull out his fighters in return for freeing his incarcerated brother who is accused of affiliation with Al Qaida.

Al Masderonline, an independent website, reported that the tribesmen pledged  to Al Qaida leader to set up a commission from "incorrupt and religious people".

Al Dhaheb threatened that he will reoccupy the town if the tribesmen did not stick to the agreement.

The militants are demanding that the government release Al Qaida inmates and declare the town of Rada an Islamic emirate.