Sana'a: A total of 28 Al Houthi rebels were killed in an area around Sa'ada city, north of the country, Ministry of Defence said Thursday.

The 28 rebels were killed while trying to attack the troops in the area of Al Okab, nearby Sa'ada city, the ministry said in a statement.

The statement also said that the troops repelled attacks by Al Houthi fighters in Al Malaheidh, Al Hosama and Al Jarab valley, where they destroyed cars laden with weapons.

Furthermore, a group of 11 Al Houthi rebels were arrested in the old city of Saada where they were planning to implement terrorist attacks on the security forces and civilians, the statement said.

With these arrests, the total number of those arrested in the old city of Saada has become 162. About 7 of them were transferred early today from Saada to Sana'a and handed over to the prosecutions for trials.

Earlier, a group of 44 Al Houthi rebels were referred to the prosecution for trials in charge of sabotage acts.

The statement also said that Al Houthi rebels killed civilians in different attacks on civilian places including hospitals and refuge camps.

“Some Al Houthi rebels continued their attacks against the civilians and their houses especially in the old city of Saada city and targeted some governmental institutions like Al Salam Hospital and Civil Status Authority and Yemeni Red Crescent Branch,'' the statement said.

Three citizens were killed and several others injured in those attacks which included refugees in the two camps of Al Ehsa and Sam which are close to Saada city.

Military special teams removed about 26 mines planted by the rebels in the west of Jarman station, in the way to Saada city.

Meanwhile, a son of slain Hussain Al Houthi, the founder of the movement who was killed in the first war in 2004, called the Yemenis to stand united against the armed rebellion in Saada.

“I appeal all Yemenis to stand one hand against this rebellion and to fight with the troops to do their duty towards their homeland,'' Abdullah Hussein Badr Al Houthi said in a statement published by government media.

“I call the state and the citizens to continue the war in order to put an end for the rebellion forever,'' he said.

The rebels' leaders said his fighters killed and injured dozens of troops in those battles and destroyed military vehicles.

He accused, in a statement sent through emails, the government of arresting civilians and described them as Al Houthi leaders.