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Video screengrab of Umrah pilgrims praying amid heavy rains and thunderstorms in Mecca Image Credit:

Dubai: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday experienced a bout of strong easterly winds and severe lightning storms, causing widespread damage across the country.

The cities of Mecca and Jeddah, along with several other regions, bore the brunt of the stormy weather. A video that made rounds on social media platforms showed the wind's formidable strength, which was so intense that it lifted heavy plastic barriers. The same gusts threatened the movement of Umrah pilgrims in the Grand Mosque of Mecca.

Adding to the severity, videos documenting the collapse of power poles due to the wind and torrential rain on Asfan Road, northeast of Jeddah, have gone viral on various social media platforms. Several clips display electricity poles leaning precariously over roads, painting a picture of the unstable weather situation.

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Earlier reports also showcased Jeddah enveloped in a dust storm, with dense clouds of dust filling the skies. While the situation seemed dire, there was a moment of beauty amidst the chaos.

As the Grand Mosque of Mecca experienced heavy rains and winds, Umrah pilgrims continued their prayers, making for a spiritual scene as they prayed beneath the rain showers.

On Tuesday morning, the National Meteorological Centre of Saudi Arabia issued an alert detailing the country's predominant weather conditions over the next 24 hours. Thunderstorms accompanied by active wind are forecasted for regions such as Medina, Mecca, Asir, Jazan, and Al Baha.

Meanwhile, Najran and Tabuk regions are expected to see surface winds that will stir up dust. Hafr Al Batin, AlSaman, and Rafha have reported peak temperatures of 47 degrees Celsius, while Al Suda experienced a low of 14 degrees Celsius with humidity levels soaring to 95 per cent.

Abdullah Al Osaimi, a famous weather expert, said that these weather patterns hint at the onset of the autumn season in October.