2120614 Fire
A screengrab from the video fo the fire. Watch the footage below. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A thunderbolt that struck Jabal Afar set fire to parts of the mountain located between Yalamlam and Jadam in Al Lith, a city in the Tihamah region on the Red Sea coast, southwest of Mecca.

According to residents, a thunderbolt struck the summit of Mount Afar two days ago, through which the artery linking Yalamlam and Jadam passes.

The fire is still burning, with noone able to reach the site due to difficult terrain.

The people expressed their great fear of the spread of the fire in large parts of the mountain due to strong winds, pointing out that the large area of grass and trees on the mountain would help the spread of the fire.

The residents said the location of the fire could only be reached by aircraft.