The taxi driver removing the luggage of the passenger who asked him to stop smoking Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: A taxi driver using a transportation app caused controversy by ejecting a customer who asked him to stop smoking, in Saudi Arabia.

Following the incident, the driver was expelled from the company and may face further consequences.
Nayef Madkhali, a prominent Saudi blogger known as “Naifco” with a significant social media following, frequently reviews services in Saudi Arabia.

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During a recent ride he booked through a legally operating passenger transport app, the driver surprised Naif by lighting a cigarette.

When Naif requested the driver to put out the cigarette, the situation escalated.

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The driver reacted by angrily removing Naif and his belongings from the car, leaving him stranded on the roadside. Naif documented part of this experience in videos.
The company responded promptly to Naif’s complaint by banning the driver from its platform.

However, the driver later contacted Naif, hurling insults and threats.

He indicated that the ban had minimal impact on him, as he is registered with other transportation apps authorised by the Saudi Transport Authority.
The incident has generated widespread support for Naif from other Saudi bloggers, who are urging the government to intervene and impose stricter penalties on the driver.

Some are even calling for his deportation to ensure such behavior is not tolerated.