The camel running against the traffic in Riyadh. Image Credit: Screenshot

Dubai: A video of a stray camel disrupting traffic after it wandered onto a busy street has gone viral on Saudi Arabia’s social media platforms.

According to media reports, the raging camel suddenly appeared on a busy ring road in the capital city, confusing motorists and blocking the road as it started running in the opposite direction.

The video shows a man chasing down the camel to stop and catch it. The camel was brought under control later, reports said.

In another incident, the General Department of Traffic in Riyadh said that a camel fell from a vehicle on Turki Al Awwal Road, causing damage to the vehicle.

The department said in a statement that it was coordinating with the National Centre for Wildlife to hand over the camel and take necessary measures.

There have been several accidents involving camels in Saudi Arabia over the past few years, especially since camels have a tendency to cross roads unexpectedly. Just recently, five Saudi men and three Yemenis were killed in horrific accidents involving stray camels.

More than 1.4 million camels are estimated to live in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh region has the largest herd of camels, and their population is estimated to be about 322,570; followed by the Eastern region with around 256,079 camels.