Image Credit: Courtesy of Al Marsad

Jeddah: Security authorities in Saudi Arabia have identified eight Africans who used four-wheel beach buggies to attack a policeman in an assault that shocked the nation and prompted calls for punishing and deporting the culprits.

The attack on the plainclothes policeman in the Red Sea city of Jeddah was recorded in a video clip shot by an eyewitness from an apartment overlooking the scene.

The clip showed how one buggy ran into the policeman who fell on the ground, but got up just on time to avoid a second direct attack.

The other buggy drivers kept moving menacingly in a gang style near the police vehicle as the policeman and another man tried to defend themselves.


A woman in the apartment could be heard contacting the police to ask them to dispatch prompt backup and support to rescue the policeman who was under siege.


Sources said that the police have identified the attacker who was hit the policeman as Siddiq, 25 years old, and that the initial investigation had led to the seizure of more than 400 motorcycles and buggies, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported early on Wednesday.

Makkah Governor Prince Khalid Al Faysal had earlier called for intensive efforts to arrest the culprits and to refer them to justice.

Saudis welcomed the news of the action against the buggy drivers with jubilations and calls for the harshest punishment.

“These riders have been a terrible nuisance, especially near the Corniche and next to the malls where people gather in large numbers,” Saad, a user, posted. “They deserve to be punished for attacking the policeman and for annoying people. We hope there will be no mercy.”

Shyef, another user, said that the attack on a man in the uniform meant an attack on Saudi Arabia.

“There must be no leniency and these troublemakers should be deported immediately after they serve their jail terms,” he said.

Another user insisted that they should be given lashes before they are deported.

“They have been giving us a hard time and they should not get away with their horrible act without getting what they deserve,” the user, Qalam Al Khanbaga, said.

Link to the attack video: