200917 Hamadeh
Zahraa Hamadeh, the first Saudi female car polisher. Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: Zahraa Hamadeh, the first Saudi female car polisher, said she wanted to try something new and different in a field confined to men, noting that she pushed for this profession strongly after a period of training.

“I truly admired this work and am fully enthusiastic to enter this new and different experience in society,” she told Rotana Khalijia TV.

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Hamadeh added she was trained to to work on polishing, upholstering, shading, and other car decoration works.

She explained that she did not find a job after completing her studies, but she did not sit at home waiting for a job, but developed her skills, and trained in different fields other than what she learned and studied in her major.

Hamadeh seeks to launch her own business, and create a new work environment for other women.

For his part, the administrative representative of the project, Diaa Al Tekia, considered this project new to the the region and Saudi Arabia, by opening a car polishing center with female workers.

He said he found it difficult in the beginning, but it was an experience and a challenge for Saudi women who can succeed in any field.