An image from the video. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: An Egyptian has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for severely beating up a Saudi citizen working in Starbucks, local media reported.

The Egyptian attacker, a delivery worker, is said to have verbally abused the employee before physically attacking him following a dispute over priority of service and for asking him to wait for a little while.

“You should stay at home not work here,” the attacker told the employee before punching him all over her body.

A video taken by a customer who was sitting in the coffee shop has gone viral on social media. Another employee is seen trying to separate the two in vain.

Following the video, which has been captured in Al Kharj city, the Saudi police launched an investigation and arrested the aggressor.

This is the second attack against an employee in Saudi Arabia in less than a week. A few days ago, two Saudi citizens have been arrested in Riyadh for beating up an employee at a shopping mall in the capital city.

The video went viral on social media in which one of the two attackers is seen intentionally ramming into the employee. The other then is seen asking the victim to come with him. However, both suddenly attack and punch the staff member.

Many other staff and bystanders rushed to separate the attackers from the victim. However, the fight escalated, involving more staff until bystanders intervened.

Following the viral video, Riyadh police launched an investigation and arrested the suspects.

The Public Security sources said in a statement that preliminary investigations showed that the assault was due to a dispute that happened at the cash counter.