REG_181219 Snow in Saudi Arabia
File picture shows Saudi men enjoying the snow in the northern regions of the kingdom. Image Credit:

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia’s National Centre of Meteorology said it expects the Kingdom to witness a harsh winter in which temperatures will reach below zero, affected by extreme weather sweeping the world, local media reported.

“All initial indications show we will enter a cold winter, in which temperatures will drop below zero,”

Hussain Al Qahtani, spokesman for the centre told Al Ikhbariya TV.

Al Qahtani stressed the world is going through extreme weather that has also affected the Kingdom, including an unprecedented rise in temperatures during the summer season.

The spokesman explained that 53 degrees Celsius was recorded in the shade in some regions of the Kingdom, in addition to unprecedented rains witnessed in areas south of the capital, Riyadh.

The past few winters have been pretty harsh in several Gulf states.

The weather in these countries now hangs between two extremes, one of which is boiling summer heat and the other is sub-zero winter temperatures.