A picture of the traffic accident in Damascus, published by social media on Tuesday Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: An influential woman, driving an SUV vehicle, rammed through crowds and ran over at least three policemen and two civilians in the Sheikh Saad neighborhood in the Mazzeh area in Damascus on Sunday night, local media reported.

The identity of an influential Syrian figure, who intervened on Sunday night to disperse a gathering of Internal Security Forces and other security services, after the incident, was not revealed.

No official agency has mentioned the incident, especially the Syrian Ministry of Interior’s web page, which is used to publish news of crime and accidents.

Meantime, opposition news site “Voice of the Capital” published a number of pictures of the accident that shook Damascus, showing “a woman ramming throguh crowds and running over at least three policemen, two civilians, and motorbikes, while driving carelessly in the Mazzeh neighborhood, near the 14th buildings.

Residents said that a SUV car driven by a woman, followed by an escort car, was stopped by the Traffic Police at Al Mouwasat Hospital for breaking traffic rules, so the woman got angry and began to insult the policeman, while making phone calls asking for help from her acquaintances.

With the police hardening, she pursued and ran over all that was on her way, including three policemen and two civilians, before being stopped again after police and security patrols surrounded her.

After the escort tried to use weapons to open the road, the security cordon was tightened and forcibly stopped the woman’s car, who was screaming and cursing hysterically.

Meanwhile, an influential figure attended, and told the gathering, “Free her, she is with me”. He took the woman and went, according to witnesses.

Several Syrian pages on Tuesday reported, the news of the incident, in which three policemen and two civilians were severely injured and admitted to Al Mouwasat Hospital for treatment.

Syrian opposition sources said the woman was. Aline Skaf, the wife of Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi, a Lebanese citizen and a political refugee in Damascus.

She lived with her husband after the fall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya in 2012. In 2015 Hannibal Gaddafi was jailed in Lebanon against the backdrop of accusing the Gaddafi’s regime of plotting to kidnap Imam Musa Al Sadr and his two companions Mohammad Yaqoub and journalist Abbas Badr Al Din in 1978.