File picture shows labourers at work at a residential site in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: REUTERS

Cairo: Saudi Authorities have warned employers against infringing a ban on outdoor work that went into effect today in the kingdom to protect labourers from exposure to sun.

The ban will be in effect for three months until September 15 daily from 12pm till 3pm.

Penalties will be applied to establishments, which will violate the ban, an official at the Ministry of Human Resources said.

The decree, banning work under direct sun, aims at protecting safety of private sector workers and is part of the ministry’s commitment to provide a health and safe working environment, added spokesman for the ministry Saad Al Hamad. The ministry has urged employers to comply with the ban by regulating working hours and ensuring protection for labourers against occupational hazards.

The ban is seasonal in the Arab Gulf countries, home to large communities of migrant workers, in summer when the mercury shoots up.