Streets in the Saudi holy city of Mecca. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: Saudi authorities have banned trucks, tankers and construction vehicles from parking on Mecca’s city streets zoned for residential or commercial properties, local media reported.

A list of fines and penalties has been published, for trucks that cause visual distortion, disrupt traffic, disturb the people of neighbourhoods, and are dangerous for pedestrians.Trucks will be instead assigned designated parking lots on King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Road, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Road, Prince Mohammed bin Salman Road, Mecca-Medina Road, and Al Leith Road.

Truckers were given a week-long grace period to remove their trucks from the Mecca neighbourhoods.

Authorities said these trucks may return to these parking lots after completing customer service in their locations, stressing that parking is banned on roads, service roads and within neighbourhoods to preserve the civilised view and enhance security and safety.

Residents have long complained about large trucks parked or idling in Mecca residential neighbourhoods, saying they are disruptive and block sight lines.