Manama: A decision by a Saudi teacher to resume work only hours after getting married has sparked mixed reaction on social media.

Humood Al Shetaiwi celebrated his wedding with family and friends on Saturday evening, the second day of the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

However, early on Sunday, he was back at the school in Al Jouf in northwestern Saudi Arabia where he surprised both school staff and students.

“I wanted to finish the curriculum of the first semester before the school break,” he was quoted as saying by Saudi news site Sabq on Monday.

“I had not planned to take days off even though I am entitled to a leave. Our home is near the school, and I saw no reason to stay away, so I decided to come back to the students. I will have the honeymoon with my bride during the holidays.”

Khalid, a social media user, hailed the “sacrifices” of the teacher, saying that he represented a good model to be emulated.

“Some teachers fully appreciate that teaching is not just a job, but rather a noble mission that requires devotion dedication,” he posted. “He took a bold decision to make sacrifices and he has my support.”

Yousuf said he understood the teacher’s reasons for showing up at the school.

“He is keen on the education of his students and he rose to the challenge, so he deserves our full appreciation. We wish him a happy married life.”

Some who opposed the teacher’s attitude offered advice or criticised him.

“He should have stayed with his bride on their first full day together,” Ahmad, another user, posted. “If I were his colleague in the school, I would kick him out and push him to stay with his bride. On that specific day, she is far more important than his students.”

Nader commented that, if he were the school principal, he would have taken action against him for neglecting his bride.

Wael Al Enezi said, after hearing about the teacher’s attitude, he understood why the rate of divorce in Saudi Arabia was rising.

“It is basically because of people like this teacher,” he posted.

Abdullah said the teacher gave the impression that it was more interesting for him to meet the school principal than to be with his bride.

Another user, Khalid, said that the teacher should have finished all the lessons on time.

“We are well aware that the students should this week be reviewing for their end of the semester exams after having completed all their lessons,” he posted.

For Sponsor, the planning of the wedding was the issue.

“He should have planned it more wisely and avoided the clash with the school days,” he said.