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Dubai: The Saudi General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor) in Medina has arrested a motorist for reckless driving and causing a serious accident that resulted in injuries to a mother and her two children, local media reported.

The traffic police said they arrested the driver following a video clip that went viral on social media showing him driving his car recklessly. This caused his vehicle to swerve onto the road and collide with two parked vehicles.

The accident, which almost claimed the lives of the mother and her two children, resulted in them receiving minor injuries. They had just left a nearby house and were walking next to the two parked cars.

Many people who circulated the clip of the driver who lost control of his vehicle demanded that he be punished immediately. The incident occurred in Medina’s Al Hamra neighborhood.

The traffic police confirmed that the reckless driver was referred to the Traffic Authority to take necessary legal action as prescribed by law against him.