Manama: A Saudi kindergarten child has tragically died from suffocation after she was forgotten on the bus.

According to report, Zuhoor Al Fakihi was sleeping when all the other students got off the bus when it arrived to the private kindergarten in Al Qunfudhah on the Red Sea coast.

Neither the bus driver nor the chaperone accompanying the young children noticed that Zuhoor was sleeping at the back, reports said.

According to the testimony of the kindergarten owner, the administration noticed that Zuhoor did not show up at the kindergarten on the day, but he added that he was not sure whether they contacted her family to ask about her.

The girl was found when the driver went back to the bus at the end of the day to drive the children home.

He took Zuhoor inside the kindergarten where they administered first aid by some teachers before she was transported to hospital.

A spokesperson for health in Al Qunfudhah said the girl was already lifeless when they brought her to hospital.

According to Saudi reports, the mother collapsed and she was taken to hospital upon hearing the news about her daughter.

The education district in the province has set up a committee to investigate the death.

Several commenters called for taking legal action against the driver and the chaperone as well as the concerned teachers for failing to rise to their responsibilities and causing a tragedy in the family.

Others complained that such negligence levels should be severely addressed to ensure they are not repeated.

In 2017, Yamen Mohammad Musa Khawaji, a Saudi four-year-old boy, died after he was forgotten on his kindergarten bus in south-western Saudi Arabia.