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Abu Dhabi: A businessman approached a law firm to file an impiety case against his three sons, who threatened to interdict him from running his property claiming he was not legally competent after he decided to donate half of his wealth to charity, , local media reported.

The businessman told Al Watan newspaper his sons continued to threaten him to give up his idea. They claim he is not competent to manage his properties, taking advantage of him having a fit of forgetfulness after a traffic accident two years ago.

The accident led to health problems, so his sons claimed that he had Alzheimer’s, the businessman said.

Legal advisor Saleh Abdel Salam confirmed that the majority of interdiction cases brought against parents are prompted by the siblings’ greed, so when these cases are raised, a medical report on the parent’s condition is requested from a government hospital, proving that the parent is incapacitated or cannot manage his affairs.

However, Abdul Salam added, if a parent appeared to be unfit or lacking the necessary ability, qualification, or strength to perform some specified act or function, then the interdiction case is submitted to the Sharia judge, who decides either on aruling of incapacitation or the dismissal of the case according to the medical report that proves the competence of the defendant.

As for the father’s counter case of disobedience against his children as a result of accusing him of lacking competence, the judge looks into it and decides in accordance with evidence submitted to the court, Abdul Salam said.

The lawyer called what the three sons did against their father, if he was really not incompetent, “disobedience and ingratitude”.

“These sons were greedy to prevent their father from paying part of his money to charities, and they are not entitled to do so, and such cases are incompatible with religion and morals. The initiation of the interdiction on the basis of a malicious reasons make the children disobedient and lacking gratitude, as only for the fools, the insane and the incompetent are interdicted from running their business,” the lawyer said.