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Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Saudi citizen has been executed for killing his mother by pouring gasoline on her while she slept and setting her on fire, local media reported.

The heinous crime took place in Tabouk, north-western Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, the suspect admitted to killing his mother. He was accordingly referred to the competent court, which sentenced him to death.

Saudi Arabia has also executed another citizen in Mecca for raping and robbing three women, crashing into a stranger’s car, stealing his mobile phone and money, in addition to consuming cannabis and amphetamine tablets.

Earlier last week, a Saudi man was executed for allegedly luring two girls and raping them in Jeddah. The Saudi Ministry of Interior said that suspect admitted to kidnapping and raping the two girls and was accordingly convicted.

Another man from Myanmar was also executed for luring and raping several children.