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Medical personnel. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A Saudi doctor, who worked in Taif Health Department, got paid SR25,000 per month for a year, without a job, local media reported.

According to authorities’ investigations, the doctor was working in a government hospital, and a decision was issued to transfer her to another hospital, but she remained throughout the year without working.

After suspending her salary, the physician quickly submitted a request to the Health Affairs to return to work.

The Ministry of Health referred the incident to the legal department, which opened an investigation.

The doctor said the reason for her interruption from work was due to her poor health and psychological condition, as a result of issues with a hospital’s official, which led to the deterioration of her health and prevented her from working.

During investigations, the doctor pledged to return the full amount she received during her cessation of work, and to deduct it from her monthly salary if the authorities agreed to renew her contract. She also pledged not to repeat the interruption, confirming her willingness to accept work in Taif or any vacant place except hospitals in remote areas.

The doctor requested consideration of her circumstances, especially that she is the sole provider for her children.