Saudi comedian Osama Salmeen Image Credit: Social Media

Riyadh: Saudi public prosecution has ordered the summoning of a comedian for questioning over insulting Saudi soldiers stationed along the kingdom's border with Yemen, media reported on Sunday.

The order came after the actor appeared in a video clip demeaning the soldiers, triggering an online outcry, according to reports.

The comedian Osama Salmeen was seen in the clip joking about the injured border soldiers.

The Information Ministry also said it had referred Salmeen for questioning over the “inappropriate content” of the clip.

“The Information Ministry supports and preserves artistic freedoms, but it will never relent in facing transgressions offending our heroes stationed on the borders,” a spokesman for the ministry said.

One injured soldier condemned the clip. "Unfortunately, I and my wounded colleagues on the southern border, particularly we who have lost one of our limbs while defending the religion and the country, a butt of satire and comedy of some [people] like Osama Salmeen," the soldier named Amer Al Rameeh, said in a tweet post.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are leading an Arab military alliance fighting Iran-allied Al Houthi militants in Yemen after they deposed the internationally-recognised government there.