Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has ordered the domestic transport compaines not to place “VIP” stickers on buses used for pilgrims during the Hajj.

The ministry has instructed domestic Hajj companies also not to exceed capacity of buses transporting pilgrims, Okaz newspaper reported.

Service providers should also obtain a permit for the entry of licensed buses to the holy sites and carry out periodic inspection to ensure the safety of vehicles. Renting out buses from outside the kingdom will not be allowed under any circumstances.

The ministry also warned against using buses for domestic transportation of passengers between cities or within the holy sites, urging service providers to use them only for transporting pilgrims.

The ministry also noted that all old buses with a high rate of exhaust emissions would be seized at the entry points of Mecca.

The traffic police will check for exaust emissions the buses and violating vehicles will be seized or a penalty for the violation will be issued.