Saudi Riyal
Saudi riyals. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Abu Dhabi: A Bangladeshi man in his 40s was arrested for illegally collecting money, a senior Saudi police officer said.

Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Al Qahtani, spokesman for the Medina Police, said about 42,252 riyals, documents, four computers and 11 mobile phones, were seized.

The man was remanded in police custody and referredto the Public Prosecution for trial, police said.

Anyone found raising funds or promoting a campaign to collect financial contributions in Saudi Arabia without authorisation faces jail time of between six months and two years.

Only Saudi nationals can be involved in fundraising campaigns, and foreigners will be deported immediately after serving a prison term.

A fine of up to 500,000 riyals is imposed on any association or group that is involved in unlicensed fundraising or that spends the funds it raises in ways that are different from the ones stated in the application. The fine is automatically doubled in case of a repeat.

Contributions and donations are accepted only from Saudi donors and printing houses cannot print fundraising coupons unless they receive a copy of the campaign approval.

All details related to every fundraising activity have to be recorded in a report that is submitted to the authorities less than one month after the event is over.

Non-compliance with the rules could entail the cancellation of the licence to engage in fundraising activities or receive donations.