The front and back of the new SR20 banknote issued in Saudi Arabia today. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Saudi Arabia has said it will issue a SR20 banknote marking its presidency of the Group of 20. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) said the commemorative banknote will be launched and go into circulation starting from Sunday side by side with other banknotes as an official legal currency.

“This banknote has been printed according to the latest standards of currency printing, distinguished by several technical specifications and high –quality security marks,” SAMA added.

The latest banknote has a distinctive purple design highlighting the artistic decorations inspired by the logo of the G20 summit, it said.

The front side of the note carries the image of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the emblem of the kingdom’s presidency of the G20.

On the rear, a map of the world is illustrated with countries of the group depicted in a different colour. It also carries a map of the kingdom emitting beams symbolising the gathering of the G02 states on the Saudi land.

King Salman is due to preside over a virtual summit of the bloc on November 21-22.