The car-tinting business is lucrative in summer as car owners opt for ways to reduce the heat. Image Credit: Arshad Ali / Gulf News Archive

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia’s General Traffic Directorate has published rules for tinting car windows.

The rules, published on Twitter, are as follows:

1. The tint of the side, front and rear windows should be 30% transparent that does not prevent or reflect the view of inside the car. Authorities do not allow drivers to tint the windshield and the rear glass;

2. The car tinting should not carry any decorations, inscriptions, or pictures that reduce the degree of transparency;

3. The tint should not obscure or reduce the driver’s vision;

4. The permissible tinting degree can be exceeded if it is a medical requirement, provided that a medical report is submitted.

Previously, it was not permissible to tint front windows.