Dad prosecuted for beating daughter, filming torture, posting on social media Image Credit: Screen Grab

Abu Dhabi: A man arrested for shackling his daughter, beating her, filming the offence and posting a video clip of it on social media was moved to Mecca Prosecution, local media reported. The dad, in his 40s, allegedly confessed that he assaulted his 11-year-old daughter after tying her with ropes and tortured her with a whip severely.

The Burmese man reportedly said his act was blamed on his sister, who ran away from the house after she cut his daughter's hair without his permission. He added he forced her mother to film the clip to be sent to his sister to return home. It was not immediately known what he planned to do to his sister.

This video may be disturbing to some readers

The Saudi Arabia public prosecution said the Saudi child protection law criminalises parents who do not provide their children with proper family supervision and care. “It is negligence and harm to the children if they are left without a guardian’s supervision or family care, child exploitation in commercial marketing, exposing the child, directly or indirectly, to information materials that violate morals, criminal material or inappropriate for his age, or that endanger his belief, thought, or behaviour,” the prosecution said.

The prosecution added, “It is also child abuse and negligence, hiring out bicycles to children below 12 years of age. Those who hire out bicycles to children below 12 years of age will be held responsible for any ensuing harm inflicted on children,.”

Article 4 of the Saudi child protection law criminalises parents who don’t furnish their children with a proper education.

Saudi parents are responsible by law to provide schooling and to create appropriate studying conditions for their children. Parents are also responsible to help them learn and to protect them. Any parent who stops their child from getting an education can be charged with abuse and neglect under the child protection system.

The child protection law was issued in 2014, to protect children’s rights in Saudi Arabia. The law states that until the age of 18 a person is considered a child who needs to be protected from all kinds of harm by family members, school, care homes and public places.

Parents in Saudi Arabia must get their children formal identification papers, education, vaccinations - as stated by the health ministry - and provide a safe home. If any one of these basic rights is not met a parent can be charged with neglect.