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Cairo: Saudi police have arrested an expatriate accused of having robbed SR340,000 at a knife-point from an employee at a money transfer company, a Saudi newspaper reported.

Police in the Red Sea city of Jeddah said the money had been retrieved from the Egyptian suspect, who has been referred to public prosecution, news portal Ajel added. It was not clear when the robbery happened.

In an unrelated incident, police in the Saudi capital Riyadh said they had arrested an illegal Yemeni resident and six Saudis suspected of committing a series of crimes including robbery, impersonation of law enforcers, thefts of copper wires from under-construction buildings and stealing a car.

Saudi Arabia, a country of around 34.8 million people, hosts a large foreign community.

In recent months, Saudi authorities have ramped up a crackdown on illegal expatriates and violators of rules.