The robot in action at the Grand Mosque.
The robot in action at the Grand Mosque. Image Credit: General Presidency for Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has deployed more than 10,000 employees to serve pilgrims and help them safely perform Hajj rituals, local media reported.

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the two holy mosques announced has also launched smart applications and electronic platforms that would facilitate and enrich visitors’ experiences, adding that the number of beneficiaries of the presidency’s digital services had reached more than 160 million.

It has also allocated King Abdul Aziz Gate, King Fahd Gate, and Bab Al Salam Gate for the entry of pilgrims and visitors, in addition to allocating 144 gates for the entry of worshippers to the Grand Mosque. The presidency is working on distributing 3 million Zamzam water bottles a day in the Grand Mosque, and 1 million bottles in the holy sites.

According to the presidency, 2,000 electric vehicles had been provided to serve the elderly and people with disabilities, in addition to 500 engineering staff.

A diverse package of services had been prepared to empower pilgrims, facilitate their rituals and enrich their experience, especially since this year’s Hajj season comes after two Hajj seasons that were exceptional in their organization, enabling people to perform their rituals while providing them with the ideal healthy religious atmosphere.